s the health and wellness industry grows in Australia, our community is becoming more aware of the benefits of premium products that can offer nourishment above and beyond. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice has been endorsed as a health elixir for many years now and raw fruit and vegetables the medicine for life. Generally nourishment can come in several ways. However with the new advancements within the cold press juicing industry in Australia, companies like Kuvings Australia have introduced products that have had a positive and healthy influence on peoples body, mind and spirit.

Kuvings Australia invented the first whole slow juicer and designed and built it with innovative technology. Introducing the single auger, allowing efficient extraction. The technology provides more vitamins and minerals, minimizing separation in the juice. The Kuvings very strong motor and high torque is what separates the Kuvings to any other cold press juicer. Kuvings Australia exceeds the general standards of manufacturing to developing a cold pressed juicer that not only is the finest in the industry for domestic cold press juice use but also as a commercial cold press juicer for businesses like juice bars, cafes and restaurants.

The benefits of a strong motor and high torque allows the juicer to squeeze and press fruit and vegetables with ease and quicker to juice, compared to the older generation cold press juicers. Together using low speed masticating method, it provides 100 percent natural fresh juice and prevents healthy enzymes from being destroyed.

Quiet in its operation and almost silent compared to a high-speed centrifugal juicers, the Kuvings juicers operate quietly, reducing noise and vibration. No heat or friction preventing oxidization known as separation.

Fruits and vegetables are essential to our bodies. Plants growing under the sun absorb nutrients from the earth, which allows them to endure scorching heat and blistering cold. To protect themselves and grow, plants produce natural chemicals over a long period of time. These are called “phytochemicals” Drinking plenty of phytochemicals in colorful undiluted fruit and vegetable juices has antioxidant effects. Therefore drinking cold pressed juices has become the most effective and simple way to ensure we consume our daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals through raw juicing.

Kuvings delivers the number 1 range of innovative Cold Press Juicers. Domestic, Professional or Commercial. The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicers  help you improve your health and wellbeing with nutritional, great-tasting juices and smoothies.

Award winning highly advanced technology with a stylish design and easy-to-use and clean,  the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer will extract all the essential nutrients, minerals and enzymes from fruit and vegetables to create delicious, 100% natural juice, to heal your body, detox, energize or assist in weight management.

Available in a stylish selection of models and colours, our range  is suitable for the domestic, professional or commercial customer.

The B6000 Series: Our premium domestic and commercial juicer for the small café and business. Choice Recommended as the number 1 cold press juicer in 2014,2015 in Australia and New Zealand and the number 1 Auger Juicer in USA in January 2016. The first whole slow juicer in the world, incorporates redesigned, wide chute for juicing whole fruit and vegetables. No more cutting. Delivering a delicious tasting juice, the smoothest, purest, cold press juices. It features a sleek stylish design, the strongest motor with high torque, and an innovative patented auger technology creating delicious cold press juice. “Taste the Difference”!

Enjoy a gentle slow juicing speed of 54 rpm with the highest yield of any other domestic cold press juicer on the market. The Kuvings B6000 Series ensures the maximum amount of enzymes and living nutrients in each ingredient. Available in 3 colours, white, burgundy and silver.

The C7000 Series: Our first Professional Juicer for the domestic high user, or the small café or juice bar. Included with upgraded parts and design for high volume juicing. Similar features to the CS600 model, but more affordable. Complete with progressive single auger technology and strong motor, high torque with a Generation 2 Ultem strainer, it also introduces our brand new, ground-breaking ‘Brushless’ juicing technology that keeps it whisper quiet as it gently squeezes your ingredients. Leaving no separation in your juice and much less pulp, the C7000 fruit and vegetable juicer result in all-natural, great-tasting juices, with the option to make smoothies, ice creams and sorbets all included in the box.

The Kuvings Chef CS600: Our efficient, full on commercial cold press juicer is the ultimate cold press juicing appliance for the busy café, juice bar or restaurant. Engineered and design offering a on demand cold press juicing solution, with 8 hours continuous juicing, 40 hours per Litre, better nutrition and more Flavour, increase yield and still very quiet, the Kuvings CS600 commercial juicer is like no other. This juicer simplifies cold press juicing. Featuring a stylish yet heavy-duty exterior and motor, state of the art redesigned juice bowl, auger, strainer and juice cap with high quality components and materials for easy use and easy clean. Providing more nutrients, smooth tasting juice like no other.



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