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Choice Magazine Award

The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is the first cold press juicer in the world that can juice whole fruit and vegetables. Kuvings is a global market leader in Cold Press Juicers providing consumers with a quality appliance using their patented technology.

An International award winner of 5 Gold Prizes for the International Geneva Invention Fair and Pittsburgh Fair, as well as the Consumer choice recommended by Choice Magazine in Australia in December 2016

CHOICE tested 14 Cold Press Juicers, on Performance, Ease to Use and Nutritional Yield.

Save preparation time and juice a delicious nutritional juice in seconds with a Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. The Kuvings has the strongest motor allowing you to juice soft fruit and vegetables like pineapple and wheatgrass, kale and herbs, as well as hard vegetables like carrots and beetroot, retaining the nutrients and enzymes for good health.

Kuvings offers a 20 year warranty on the motor and 5 years on the parts
Kuvings is made in Korea and has been manufacturing high quality appliances for over 35 years. RRP $599

Cold Pressed Juicer Features

Quietest Juicer Today

Kuvings Silent Juicer is the quietest masticating slow juicer available in Australia. The best juicer in the world. Whether you are juicing hard vegetables like carrots and beetroot or soft vegetables like wheatgrass and herbs the Kuvings Silent Juicer makes the best cold press juices.

New Patented Technology

Kuvings Silent Juicer patented technology JMCS Juicing Screw is what makes the Kuvings Silent Juicer an International Award Winning Juicer in 2010 and 2011.

Easy To Clean

Kuvings has made cleaning very simple. Using the juice cap, pour water through the juicer, turn the motor on and allow it to self clean before pulling it apart to give all parts a thorough clean.

Fresh and Healthy

Juice for health with a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer. All fresh highly nutritious juice. The Kuvings Silent Cold Press Juicers are slow juicers that extracts juice from fruit and vegetables. Retaining the nutrients and enzymes producing a healthy juice for all to enjoy

Powerful Motor

Kuvings pride themselves on their motor. Patented and designed by their own engineers and made in their own factory in Korea. Quality Control is unquestionable. NUC Korea brings to Australia and NZ the best juicer in the world because of this motor.

Warranty Service

Kuvings Australia/NZ and NUC Korea covers the warranty of the Kuvings Silent Juicer. 20 years on the motor and 5 years on the parts for domestic customers and 5 years on the motor and 12 months on the parts for our commercial customers.

Juicing Tips

  • 6 points you must know when juicing with a Silent Cold Press Juicer

    Cutting fruit and vegetables long and thin will result to a faster and efficient juicing process that will yield more juice with less pulp.

    Slower feeding of fruit and vegetables will reult to lesser pulp and more juice......

  • 1
    No cutting of apples, pears, carrots, celery stalks and oranges (peeled) to name a few fruit and vegetables

    Soft lemons best juiced with the skin in half

    Hard lemon skin best juiced sliced into the rings

    Kale leaves without the stalks is juiced best for most nutrition and less pulp

    Wheatgrass is best juiced in the smoothie strainer for more juice and more nutrition


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